Womb Weaver

Weaving the threads of body literacy to create a tapestry of empowered wellness 

As a certified fertility awareness educator, I serve as a guide for those seeking

.:. natural birth control

.:. conscious conception

.:. a tool for using the menstrual cycle as a diagnostic for holistic health


I honestly have no regrets coming off HBC. I have seriously learned so much about my body over the past 2+ months. @womb.weaver has opened my eyes to the world of charting. I can't wait to keep learning. I want to cry just being able to observe how healthy my cycles have been since coming off HBC. Our bodies are seriously magical.

Jacinda Client


I Just wanted to thank you for teaching me the Justisse Method!! Since I stopped my birth control pills I have wanted to get to know my body and it was hard without the right tools, and also knowing when I was most fertile since we wanted a baby. 

I'm so happy I reached out to you and I can't wait until we have that last follow up session after our baby arrives! 

Thank you sosososo much for helping me/us

Client - Pregnant after 4 months of charting with the Justisse Method


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